Ghosts of Departure

by Dane Penn

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released January 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Dane Penn Chicago, Illinois

Ghosts of Departure weaves together haunting songs about love, loss, and doubt. The songs, written and recorded against the backdrop of a gloomy Midwestern winter, bear witness to life in the Rustbelt. There is a rawness to them, an unvarnished honesty. ... more

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Track Name: Come Undone
Now you cry
Through your clenched teeth
As you wait for me
You wait for me

Come undone
Undone, for love

Your beautiful clipped wings
Kept you close 'til the spring
Now your wings have grown
Now, my bird has flown

Your face
It truly glows
With all your hope
And all my love

I had hoped for a different story
Track Name: Firing Range
Looking through your windows
I can see that you're not glad
And the sign around your neck
Well, it says that you've been had

Come tomorrow, we will find it strange
Our position, on this firing range

Looking through the darkness
I can feel it in the air
Looking through the shadows
Face the ghost who's not there

Come tomorrow, we will find it strange
Our position, on this firing range

Take us back, take us back
This is not what I foresee
Take us back, take us back
I was curious and free

Something is strange, something is strangely the same
Because you woke in the morning, and you said my name
Track Name: Lady of the Dale
I'll save the cash to take the train
I'll follow the tracks, your worries can wait
My love remains,
As long you see my face

Lady of the Dale

Take the first step and we'll test it out
You'll move away, oh what a change
But that's what we said our lives
Would be about

Lady of the Dale

Come rest your head on my shoulder
Now we're alone I can live for your touch
Someday soon we'll feel,
So much older

Lady of the Dale

You lost your voice in raised concerns

And I do my best to still your mind

Someday soon you'll be my bride

So wrap your arms around and hold on tight